To Die For (1995)

Gus Van Sant directs Nicole Kidman, Matt Dillon and Joaquin Phoenix in this indie crime satire where a local weather girl persuades some horny high schoolers to off the husband holding her back from fame.

Like contemporaries The Young Poisoner’s Handbook and Heavenly Creatures, this is one of those mid- 90s ambivalent true crime adaptations that doesn’t want to stand in judgement of the murderers so much as the society that inspired them to commit such awful acts. In all honesty, while the acting is consistent in a deadpan camp kinda way and the direction quirky… I, Tonya pretty much takes the same elements and creates a funnier, darker and more scathing romp. No discredit to anyone involved here but the tales and tone are so similar you might as well just watch the superior version.


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