Weird Science (1985)

John Hughes directs Anthony Michael Hall, Ilan Mitchell-Smith and Kelly LeBrock in this teen comedy where two horny posh kids make an absolute babe on their computer who comes to life and grants them endless wishes… so they try to swap her for two mindless mallrats going out with their bullies.

Sixteen Candles all over again but consistently, stinkily out of date. This has aged like vinegar. I only have vague memories of it as a kid and while I wouldn’t have shared the strangely chaste juvenile male sexual fantasy of it all at that tender age, I definitely must not have found the surrounding “anarchy” funny. LeBrock looks superb and does her best Playboy Mary Poppins impression. Bill Paxton punches through as the one character we are MEANT not to like. To be honest, his aggressively obnoxious bully at least has some goofy humanity and wit. Which is more than can be said for pubescent Brett Easton Ellis characters we are meant to chuckle and lust along with. The soundtrack and SFX are alright. Nah… it had its day.


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