The Silence (1963)

Ingmar Bergman directs Ingrid Thulin, Gunnel Lindblom and Jörgen Lindström in this Swedish arthouse film where two sisters and a child check in to hotel only to be overwhelmed by death, ennui and lust.

Probably the horniest Bergman film I’ve watched so far. Rich with unexplained but easy to process metaphors. The scenes of the boy running amok around the hotel are good. The sexual abandon of Gunnel Lindblom is frankly portrayed and a nice mix of sleazy and classy. Ingrid Thulin does the heaviest work as the sick, alcoholic, needy but ultimately more sensitive sister. Like much of Bergman, this is oppressively overbearing in parts but there’s enough dark magical realism and steamy soap to save it from his pretentious urges.


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