Little Monsters (2019)

Abe Forsythe directs Lupita Nyong’o, Alexander England and Josh Gad in this ROM-ZOM-COM where a loser uncle goes on a school trip to an animal park plagued by zombies with only a perky Kindergarten teacher to protect him and the kids.

Maybe Alexander England is some big whoop in Australia but he hogs the first act of the film uncomfortably. I was sold on a bubbly Lupita Nyong’o taking on the undead with a ukulele and a bright smile. 20 minutes in and she was still a no show. We get the film we were advertised eventually but after a wearying schlep with a poor’s man Hemsworth bungling through a poor man’s episode of Nick Helm’s Uncle. The goods eventually arrive and it is all a pleasant, gory, silly watch. Not life changing, not Shaun of the Dead, not even Warm Bodies. But fine.


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