Elmore Leonard’s Gold Coast (1997)

Peter Weller direct David Caruso, Marg Helgenberger and Jeff Kober in this neo-noir where a criminal mastermind’s widow cannot keep her inheritance if she fucks anyone else… enter two very different bad guys.

A TV movie (directed by Robocop himself) made at the height of Elmore Leonard adaptation fever. It is not as slick or as finished or as cartoony as most Leonard adaptations but actually replicates the casual pace and flinty vibe better than most. A good Leonard book ain’t a page turner. He’ll set a dozen low level, big dream characters in motion in the first 80 pages then watch them square off, size each other up, fall for each other and more often than not wait each other out. Typically they just hang out until things come to an unavoidable head. This little movie gets that, gets the sleazy colours of Florida bad living, the rickety ethics of being a Detroit face. A fun Friday night on the couch, often better than watching A-List movie stars playacting grifters and molls like it is a scumbag pantomime. Caruso feels like a guy who done a little time, knows a few sharp angles and really just wants to work with dolphins. You never feel like you are watching an A-List movie star… but that’s his own cross to bear.


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