High Life (2019)

Claire Denis directs Robert Pattinson, Mia Goth and Juliette Binoche in this sci-fi space drama where murderers and crackheads are sent into the unknown so sex experiments can be performed on them.

Starts out pretty well so I thought I was about to break the curse of Denis. She makes ponderous, harsh films that push the wrong buttons in me. The is full of semen and rape… it lost me. But the design of it all is strong.


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  1. Paul. Writer and Filmmaker · March 31, 2020

    Totally agree with your review. Like Denis tried to do a porn version of SOLARIS (1972) and managed to totally alienate me in the process. It was almost unwatchable by the end. In fact, I usually review every film I watch at the cinema, but when I saw this last year I omitted it because I did not want to savage such a skilled filmmaker. I am not worthy to criticise Denis, but this was really bad.


    • Bobby Carroll · March 31, 2020

      I think she is very much a case of the “Emperor’s New Clothes”. I’d say criticise away. I sit through them out of a sense of obedient completism but even her best work like Beau Travail is still is a bit… boring.

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      • Paul. Writer and Filmmaker · March 31, 2020

        Ha-ha! Sometime I think if I watch a director’s films enough the penny will drop. It happened with Pedro Almodovar for me, but not Denis yet.

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      • Bobby Carroll · March 31, 2020

        We park our cars in the same garage. Slowly happening for me and Bergman

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      • Paul. Writer and Filmmaker · March 31, 2020

        Good luck with that. I’m dipping my toe into Tarkovsky at the moment. Long films with time to kill 😷🎥


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