Ghost (1990)

Jerry Zucker directs Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore and Whoopi Goldberg in this supernatural romance fantasy where a deceased man tries to protect and make contact with his grieving love.

Slick, polished and orchestrated to an inch of its (after)life. This actually plays wonderfully. There’s a comedy strand, a thriller strand, a kid friendly terror strand, a romance strand and they all bind together to make a strong entertainment. Something for everyone! Swayze works best with the quirkier character actors but his heat generated with Moore is undeniable. The SFX are obvious but actually fit visually with a man who is now no longer in sync with the temporal world. You wouldn’t want to be dragged by the hell shadows or stuck in a door, that’s for sure. It is ultimately an undemanding entertainment but in difficult times there’s nothing wrong with falling back into a well constructed sentiment. Stick a dime in the jukebox, pop the Righteous Brothers on, join your lover at the potter’s wheel, get steamy and dirty and lovely.


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