Fantasy Island (2020)

Jeff Wadlow directs Lucy Hale, Maggie Q and Michael Pena in this reality bending horror where a group of buffs visit and island that makes their wishes come true and nightmares come-a-chasing.

This did not have my full attention, I nodded off a few times. What I did see was polished but not particularly tasteful. I never felt lost by the constant twists or rug pulls yet there are some good surprise character actor introductions. Any film that springs Michael Rooker AND Kim Coates on you midway is worth a watch. I didn’t see enough quirkiness or shock that I would endeavour to revisit Fantasy Island again to fill in my dozing blanks, nor would I write it off as unwatchable or unworthwhile. Uneven and maybe a nautical mile out from being deranged or inspired enough to recommend.


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