Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (1997)

Jay Roach directs Mike Myers, Elizabeth Hurley and Michael York in this spoof of Sixties Swingin’ Spy flicks where a sexist gentleman espionage lothario from that era finds himself resurrected in the modern, self aware 1990s.

I remember going to see this with two mates from college and having an absolute blast. From the deranged escalation of the spot-on credit sequence to the delirious pop rock closing number about the BBC. But then ubiquity, and sequels, and morons spewing catchphrases and endless self parody made it all seem rather naff. Whenever I watched 10 minutes in a hotel room it had seemingly lost its charm. So sitting down and devoting time to watch it teeth-to-tits 20 years later, I was incredibly surprised at how packed it was with good gags, weirdly inspired moments and warm heart. Elated! It is not as brilliant as Wayne’s World but far better than the relegated drawer my mind had filed it away in. I laughed a lot… I wanted to watch it again immediately. AP1 is also far superior in action, cool, sexiness and larks than the very movies it spoofs (Bond excluded). I know Goldmember is awful but I might give The Spy Who Shagged Me a second go. Or Shrek. Probably not The Love Guru though. GROOVY, BABY!


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