To The Wonder (2012)

Terrence Malick directs Ben Affleck, Olga Kurylenko and Rachel McAdams in this arty-farty drama about love, faith, madness and soil.

If I went to see this at the cinema I wouldn’t have had the option to check my phone continually, pause it to go make a coffee and doze twice during it. Did it have my attention in any way? No. Not one little bit. Bored me senseless. Did it look beautiful? Yes, with a forced, vapid perfume advert kinda aesthetic. Did it have anything to say about its big themes? Not in a delivery system I could in any way, shape or form relate to. Olga Kurylenko puts in a surprising good shift as a gorgeous lost soul but even this is smothered by the trite and overly earnest house style.


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