The Call of the Wild (2020)

Chris Sanders directs Terry Notary, Harrison Ford and Omar Sy in this adaptation of Jack London’s classic adventure story where a soft dog finds his core as he travels further into the Yukon during The Gold Rush.

One of my favourite stories made without having to bully or mistreat or risk harm to its animal lead. Buck the dog must learn about the harshness of life and the cruelty of man’s club and whip to find his freedom. You can’t practically put a real pup through that to tell the tale. Is the CGI dog photorealistic? No. But like young Bobby De Niro in The Irishman, once you are invested in the characters and the narrative this only jerks you out of the story on very rare occasions. The tale-telling is good. Broad, child friendly, full of epic sweep and engaging peril. I felt fully connected to the adaptation, enjoying the human interactions (Ford does fine at appropriate half star power) and the canine drama. It is a kids adventure story with deeper meanings and messages than your average pap. If I had spawn I’d much rather take my brood to see this and enjoy its values than a Minions 2 or a Peter Rabbit 3.


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