Runaway Train (1985)

Andrei Konchalovsky directs Jon Voight, Eric Roberts and Rebecca De Mornay in this prison break disaster movie where two dehumanised convicts hide from a manhunt on a train hurtling to its own destruction.

Harsh cold steel hurtling at you on celluloid. One of the most kinetic movies ever made. Based on an unmade Akira Kurosawa script and brushed up by ex-con and future Mr Blue Edward Bunker. This film is hard-as-nails. Both the early maximum security sequences and the unstoppable engine bulk absolutely pump. Both actors give unhinged, unrestrained performances as the brutes on the run and stuck on a road to oblivion. They were both Oscar nominated, which is a surprise, but not undeserved. This is a hyper sped up, snarling, down and dirty actioner. The existential poetry and more heartfelt character moments actually feel organic to the tough stuff. Essentially you come for the yard shivings, carriage crashes, even madder than the psychos mad warden dangling himself off helicopters and bogwashings but you stay for the surprisingly intelligent drama. An overlooked great.


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  1. Sam Simon · February 26, 2020

    I have vague memories of this movie, and now that you reminded me about it I must find it in DVD/Bluray!


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