Vertigo (1958)

Alfred Hitchcock directs James Stewart, Kim Novak and Barbara Bel Geddes in this thriller where a retired police detective becomes embroiled in the mystery of a shipping magnate’s wife who might be possessed by a dead heiress’s spirit.

Maybe I’m too wholesome for Vertigo? While I can appreciate its darkness, experiments in colour and morbidly kinky twists and know just how risky and revolutionary this kinda storytelling was in the mainstream Hollywood of that era… I find it ponderous. Also I’m Team Midge all the way. Scottie is letting the best in life slip through his fingers overlooking his brassiere sketching, faithful nerd best friend. Greatest Film Ever Made… haven’t you geeks seen Psycho? That motherfucker is a dangerous rusty, ramshackle rollercoaster. This is an inappropriate fumble on the teacups ride. Dizzying, colourful, a little shame inducing but you are taking your own life in your hands on that dirty big horror nailbiter racing nearby in 1960. Brilliant score by Bernard Herrmann, unforgettable nightmare sequence and a great broken man lead turn by Stewart.


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