Weekend (2011)

Andrew Haigh directs Tom Cullen, Chris New and Laura Freeman in this romance between two men who meet at a club, have a connection but know nothing can happen come Monday.

I’m trying to clear the TiVo box of all the films I have recorded over the past 4 years before it is sent back to Virgin to be scrapped. There’s about a hundred things on there. I’m not going get through it all. So I’m having to select the “must sees” that might not practically crop up on streaming or at retrospective screenings anytime soon. This was very highly praised on release. I liked it’s obvious Before Sunrise vibes. I liked the hazy, very familiar look of modern British living… this feel more true to life in the telling details than your Love, Actuallys and Gavin & Staceys. I thought Tom Cullen was very eye catching as a sweet, shy, different kind of leading man. Surprised his career didn’t sky rocket after this. I appreciated how the small, frequent burst of casual homophobia interrupted the romance, possibly giving a far more accurate depiction of how British attitudes are still not fully accepting of two people in love… and how that must be disruptive to those trying to make a connection in public. But I’ll be honest and say I’m not entirely convinced of the chemistry of the central pairing and there were times the dialogue grew repetitive and the narrative cliched. Almost.


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