Heavy Metal (1981)

Gerald Potterton directs Rodger Bumpass, Jackie Burroughs and John Candy in this adult fantasy animation anthology where warriors and future taxi drivers and horny robots and zombie bomber pilots are connected by a green glowing orb.

The stories vary in quality but the vibe is overpoweringly teenage boys Warhammer wank bank. You can almost smell the socks, deodorant and model glue. You get stacked women fucking droids. Stacked woman riding bugs into the sunset. Stacked women slicing up mutants with broadswords. Often in the nudie nude. Sex. Violence. Rock N Roll. Some knowing wit, equal amounts of misogyny. I found the juvenile extremeness of it all really alluring. My favourite episodes were “Harry Canyon”, “B-17” and “Den” in that order. They have their live action descendants in The Fifth Element, Overlord and Conan respectively. Silly, epic, dated, metal – watched as part of the Edinburgh Filmhouse’s Uncanny Valley Late Night series.


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