Kick-Ass (2010)

Matthew Vaughn directs Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Chloë Grace Moretz and Nicolas Cage in this comic book adaptation which takes a darkly satirical look at what powerless citizens might do if they tried to be costumed vigilantes.

Like Deadpool, I’m not overtly keen on this snarky form of parody. Rolling thunder deployment of camp violence, sex and swears bludgeons out any broad wit or subtle self-awareness in my opinion. The action often lacks even the basic pleasures that a bottom tier superhero movie might contain. I like Vaughn’s primary colour and chaotic brand of storytelling. He perfected it eventually with Kingsman, this feels a little half baked. It doesn’t help that Aaron Taylor-Johnson is such a weak presence. Nice to see him beaten up for most of the film. Moretz and Cage steal the show from him. Hit-Girl and Big Daddy… that’s the movie I wish I bought a ticket for. It is all diverting enough but on release and now 10 years down the line it is difficult to see what all the edgy over praise was about.


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