The Perfection (2019)

Richard Shephard directs Allison Williams, Logan Browning and Steve Weber in this… I don’t genuinely know what it is…. it involves cellists and mania and stalking and twists and revenge and twists and a virus and twists and sexy lesbians and… look… just a lot of stuff…ALRIGHT?!

Direct to Netflix – in the best and worst possible ways. Absolutely mad, starts out like The Hand That Rocks the Cradle, then within seconds becomes a musical lesbian Lost in Translation and suddenly we are all backpacking in the wilderness with a particularly gross killer virus rearing its yellow vomiting head in the wing mirrors… Does it settle into a coherent plot or genre then? No. Not for one zany minute. You eventually think it is trying to be a particularly unhinged variation of Nolan’s The Prestige with cellos replacing magic tricks but… still… no. A deranged eel of a film. As long as you don’t try and grasp it or hold it down it is morbidly fascinating watching it squirm about in loops and thrashes. Sexy junk food or a misunderstood work of true genius, I promise you this is currently someone’s favourite movie ever. Just not mine. Whoah!


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