Movie of the Week: Ms .45 (1981)

Abel Ferrara directs Zoë Lund, Steven Singer and Jack Thibeau in the New York vigilante flick where a mute Garment District worker takes to the streets to hunt male beasts after she endures two rapes in one mind-shattering day.

A rape revenge exploitation movie that has aged like fine wine. All men are scum, the worst transgressors are hunted down but the others can justifiably picked off in a spree. Valerie Solanas would buy popcorn. This feels more of our time, more sensitive and more stylish now than it probably ever did back then. Lund is an appealing and unfussy lead even when deranged. The guerrilla Manhattan location work produces some fantastic frames, every street scene is brimming with life. And for a slice of cheapo nasty it is pretty on point when detailing the daily, relentless objectification and demeaning behaviour that women go through. The violence is gleefully transgressive, the ironic white man funk soundtrack thumps and the last shot is a killer punchline. Side note: Every poster for this is epic.


And one extra special mention for this one-sheet that I tried and utterly failed to steal from a bus stop as a teenager

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