Head of State (2003)

Chris Rock directs himself, Tamara Jones and Bernie Mac in this broad comedy where a streetwise community activist finds himself running to be the first Black president of the U.S. of A.

Very disappointing Chris Rock satire. Lots of SNL stars tried their hand at a fast food form of brash Capra-esque screwball during the turn of the millennium period. This is one of the most witless, jarringly so given Rock’s continually incendiary stand-up output. Tasteless running jokes are ran into the ground from overuse, Rock is left spinning plot wheels rather than hitting laughs. Bernie Mac turns up and elevates it all. Then he turns up a long hour later and pretty much saves the show. When he was on screen we were in gales of laughter, but that’s maybe 10% of a pretty uninspired runtime.


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