Movie of the Week: Terminator: Dark Fate (2019)

Tim Miller directs Linda Hamilton, MacKenzie Davis and Arnold Schwarzenegger in this legacy reboot of the time travelling killer cyborgs saga that brings back the original Sarah Connor to save the new saviour of the future.

A thrilling blockbuster that slows down a little too much in the second half. That first hour though we get a blistering, seat gripping chase that matches T2’s action highlights. Maybe not in cool but certainly in destruction and relentless pace. We get Davis as the convincing super soldier and a “can of peaches” worth dying over to boot. Linda Hamilton does grizzled and cynical and unhinged brilliantly… welcome home. This is the first Terminator where Arnie gets dialogue yet doesn’t say “I’ll Be Back” maybe there’s a point there. This version of the T-800 is a deadpan hoot and enlivens the action-free parts of the backend. Gabriel Luna makes for quite the sinister upgrade on Robert Patrick. I’d see him return again as villain next chase. Will you like it? Clearly I’m more forgiving of the non 5* Terminator entries than you lot. But this really pumps, the ropey bit of CGI stunt work aside, I can’t think of anyone but a message board humbug who’ll not enjoy this for what it is. Big, violent mayhem.



  1. tensecondsfromnow · October 25, 2019

    That’s the movie I saw! Thanks!


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