Hustlers (2019)

Lorene Scafaria directs Jennifer Lopez, Constance Wu and Lili Reinhart in this true crime tale of NY lap dancers who drugged their white collar marks and maxed out their corporate cards for a better life.

A neon soaked, diamanté studded, juicy jiggling crowd pleaser. It owes a massive debt to Soderbergh; he is the only other director to put Jenny From The Block to such fantastic use, present strippers humanely while still getting all the visual bump ‘n’ grind right, and tell a con job in such a high wire fractured, yet deeply personal, way. No mere copycat though, Scafaria manages to spin the story away from being an alternative Wolf of Wiggling Wall Street, suddenly turning the honey trap power bitches into fake nail and big purse modern day version of A League of Their Own. In all honesty Hustlers feels like a lot of movies you’ve already seen… J-Lo and Wu’s initial interactions have all the form of a prison movie friendship… but these are movies you love, mashed up in such a way that only fleeting traces of the original influences are detectable. And Lili Reinhart’s adorably nervous good girl steals at least five scenes by dry retching… you don’t see that kinda body wit at the multiplex all that often.


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