Calibre (2018)

Matt Palmer directs Jack Lowden, Martin McCann and Tony Curran in this Scottish thriller where two city boys have to cover up a tragic death in a small hunting community, surrounded by those who have already marked them out as trouble.

Passable but the lack of any sympathetic or attractive lead characters means you never really care what happens next. Often what should be a hard, little throwaway thriller undermines itself by constantly issuing curveball “Get out of jail free” cards to the two prats scrabbling to escape. The intention is to replicate an earthy mixture of Shallow Grave, The Wicker Man and The Last Great Wilderness. Yet the encroaching strangeness and unavoidable doom of those superior Scottish films isn’t anywhere in the mix. It isn’t awful moment by moment, the production values are strong and Kate Bracken makes a nice impression as Iona, the town’s one humane character.


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