From Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money (1999)

Scott Spiegel directs Robert Patrick, Duane Whitaker and Raymond Cruz in this cheapquel where a group of bank robbers find themselves being turned one-by-one by the Titty Twister’s Mexican vamps.

Not a patch on the Tarantino / Rodriguez original and with only Danny Trejo’s Razor Charlie returning for a cameo. It is inessential and blocky… still, Robert Patrick makes a good masculine straight-man for all the quirky hoods and monsters to bounce off of. Spiegel tries to enliven things with off-kilter framing and plenty of neon but pretty soon you realise that that’s all he really has in his arsenal. Fine for a few beers.


One comment

  1. Sam Simon · August 29, 2019

    Even though I enjoy the original, I’ve never been curious enough to check this sequel… From what you wrote, it seems that I was right!

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