Damage (1992)

Louis Malle directs Jeremy Irons, Juliette Binoche and Miranda Richardson in this sex drama in which a Tory MP starts a near wordless affair with his son’s enigmatic fiancée.

Of interest only for the unappealing rough bonking between two prestigious actors… so silly that it actually scuppers the film. Outside of those rhythmic contortions there’s very little heat. It is very much a cold fish. Inevitable tragedy strikes and it is brutal. Natalie said it reminded her of the first few minutes of an episode of Inspector Morse stretched over two hours and that’s on the nose. You meet the posho players, get a vague idea of their relationships, watch their opulent yet boring lifestyles, a cruel death… but then no sleuthing. Miranda Richardson shines as the betrayed wife getting a hell of a final shot in. So much care and craft has gone into this, that is should be better, sexier and entirely more gripping.


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