Annabelle Comes Home (2019)

Gary Dauberman directs Mckenna Grace, Madison Iseman and Katie Sarife in this The Conjuring horror spin-off where the exorcising Warrens spend the night away and the babysitters unleash supernatural evil in their suburban home.

Tame yet surprisingly solid. You’ll never be shocked, you’ll never be bored. If it wasn’t the seventh entry in a franchise it would make good entry level horror for sheltered teens. Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson turn up to bookend the fun in extended cameos … and are the best things in this. This reminded me of an old article about script doctors in Premiere magazine. They gave a fantasy example of how a script doctor might reduce costs of a Beverly Hills Cop / Die Hard crossover. The script doctor injured Axel Foley and John McClane in the first scene and then attributed all the action and dialogue to Judge Reinhold and Bonnie Bedelia thus saving the production $30 million dollars in star salaries … AS IF THAT MAKES ANY SENSE CREATIVELY OR FINANCIALLY?! Who is turning up to that film when it does not feature Eddie and Bruce? Who wants to see Holly Gennaro shout “yippee-kay-ay” as she ends a bad guy!?? As Judge would say “GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE!”. This doesn’t suffer that hypothetical weirdness but the same disappointing dunceheadedness applies.


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