Cop Car (2015)

Jon Watts directs Kevin Bacon, James Freedson-Jackson and Hays Wellford in this thriller where two kids find a cop car in the woods and take it on a joyride but the corrupt Chief of Police is not in a position to be forgiving.

A pretty gripping thriller in The Night of the Hunter mould. Bacon is tastily frazzled and unhinged as the boy’s deadly pursuer. The whole endeavour has the feel and desperate problem solver’s zeal of a Breaking Bad episode. It never clicks fully over into something extraordinary, despite the potential, but equally has the nimbleness to up the stakes or shift focus whenever the plot risks becoming stale. You can see how Watts got his current Spider-Man directing gig off this neat little calling card.


My Top 10 Kevin Bacon Movies


  1. Sam Simon · July 20, 2019

    Nice post! I actually enjoyed very much this movie (as I wrote on my blog, if you want to pass by), I found it well made, nicely written and well acted. Also, Kevin Bacon in it is a treat!


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