Friday the 13th: Part 2 (1981)

Steve Miner directs Amy Steel, Adrienne King and Marta Kober in this slasher sequel where a new summer camp opens next door to “Camp Blood” and young jiggling flesh is butchered.

More of the lowest common denominator same. The few points to note are not improvements. The killer’s backstory is convoluted to the brink of delirium. Jason is avenging his mother’s death who was avenging his death and his age is off the chart. The highlight for returning viewers is a sequence where the first entry’s final girl is stalked around her apartment; “fans” of the film know at one point an unfortunate stunt cat will be visibly thrown through a window by some poor production assistant for a cheap jump scare… the tension towards the tacky cruelty is unbearable on repeated viewings. The “bad girl”, hired no doubt for her two massive… ahem… talents, turned out to be underage so her much promised nudity has been cut. None of those trivial things make this in anyway required watching. There is no struggling for a break Kevin Bacon… we haven’t quite yet found that iconic hockey mask. For completists only.


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