Toy Story 4 (2019)

Josh Cooley directs Tom Hanks, Tim Allen and Annie Potts in this unexpected fourth entry to the beloved Toy Story trilogy… this time Woody is relegated in Bonnie’s affection so tries to protect her new favourite toy on a road trip; Forky, a creation who is so makeshift he wants to be trash.

We didn’t ask for this. Like John Wick 3, it does what it is great at so well you feel like a curmudgeon for pointing out the rest isn’t quite as good. You chuckle rather than laugh out loud. You admire the new characters but miss the ensemble as they move just out of the spotlight. New “villain” Gabby Gabby is a complex delight, Forky works. It looks fantastic… that opening rainfilled shot… WOW! But who turned up to the Toy Stories for their CGI artistry? It is a decent extension, a better summer blockbuster than nearly everything released so far this 2019. But markedly not as perfect as those three stone cold classics that it shares a name with. Legacy still intact but let’s not wear the details off a universally adored plaything, hey?


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