Godzilla: King of the Monster (2019)

Mike Dougherty directs Millie Bobby Brown, Vera Farmiga and Charles Dance in this monster mash blockbuster where Godzilla protects humanity from a series of destructive titans.

You ain’t seen nothing until you’ve seen a firey Rodan pursue a stealth carrier into the multi-jaws of Monster Zero. Well I have and this was right up my alley. Massive scale, gorgeous creature design, epic carnage and kinetic set pieces. The human cast is busy, their dialogue blunt… there’s only space for reductive awe and guesswork exposition. Their linking scenes are exactly that… though Brown, Dance, Watanabe and especially Farmiga make a little of a lot. They’ve found themselves in a classy, visually rich evolution on the 90’s Roland Emmerich style blockbuster. The humour has been dialled back, the gargantuan trailer moments brought to the forefront. I need at least one of these releases out of a summer season. A film where you feel the weight of mountains crumbling, the contact burn of laser breath, the blinding light of a nuke going off. I want it big, nasty. I want the largest screen to be used, to barely contain the fantasy action. This hit every engorged, dumb cinematic receptor I have. Gave me the jolt of FX driven entertainment I need… and the inconsequential cast mirrored my amazement as the big canvas danger marvelled me. Ken Watanabe says “Let them fight”… I agree. This is the main meal after Gareth Edwards’ preceding amuse-bouche. Tuck the fuck in, leave your cynicism at the door.


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