Hellboy (2019)

Neil Marshall directs David Harbour, Sasha Lane and Milla Jovovich in the comic book reboot where a gruff hellspawn raised by a covert squad protects humanity from monsters and demons.

Nowhere near the clusterfuck that its critical reputation would have you believe. There are problems… it is a noticeably cheaper production, there is a lower common denominator target it lazily aims for and Sasha Lane isn’t exactly a performer who blends naturally. Yet I enjoyed it… the creature design was fantastic (especially the Lovecraftian flesh gargantuans unleashed in the third act). There is plenty of action and splatter. Harbour makes a good fist of a role the mighty Ron Perlman owned. Jovovich makes for a well motivated villain – this is probably the best thing she’s done since The Fifth Element. If you can accept that the sublime sheen, grace and heart Guillermo Del Toro brought to his pair of blockbusters aren’t going to be replicated here then there’s gloopy larks to be had. In all honesty, sometimes you really want a bit of unabashed, down and dirty creature baiting rather than prestige arthouse fare in comic book genre clothing.


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