My Top 100 TV Shows

With Game of Thrones pleasingly solidifying from something I enjoyed to something that became an irksome phenomenon to a genuinely thrilling series long finale, it seemed like a good time to update the list of my favourite TV shows. There’s a fair bit of nostalgia here. There’s also the issue of where to put unfinished stuff that might wobble… or beloved stuff that lost its way or outstayed its welcome (The Simpsons, Friends, Lost and 24). Much like my cinema lists I’ve boiled it down to how much I want to rewatch the show in full right now this second. That’s the pecking order.

As for the notable absence of The Sopranos… I reckon I’ve watched at least half of it. Back in the day. Nearly always late night, nearly always a few drinks in, with no consistency or order. In other words I watched The Sopranos the old fashioned way, when it suited me, around my social life. I know I will love it when I sit down and watch it fully (from Alabama 3 to Boston) properly… but that day has yet to come. Freeing up a space for Westworld, slick and full of potential but equally indulgent and formulaic.

  1. Deadwood
  2. The Wire
  3. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
  4. Gareth Marenghi’s Darkplace
  5. NYPD Blue
  6. Twin Peaks
  7. Father Ted
  8. Our Friends in the North
  9. The League of Gentlemen
  10. Rome
  11. Mad Men
  12. Fargo
  13. Mindhunter
  14. The Santa Clarita Diet
  15. King of the Hill
  16. Breaking Bad / Better Call Saul
  17. My So Called Life
  18. Holding On
  19. Buffy the Vampire Slayer / Angel
  20. Six Feet Under
  21. Cheers / Fraiser
  22. The Mick
  23. Glow
  24. Only Fools and Horses
  25. Boardwalk Empire
  26. Morse / Endeavour
  27. Game of Thrones
  28. Seinfeld
  29. The Royle Family
  30. The Thick of It
  31. Freaks and Geeks
  32. Blackadder
  33. American Crime Story
  34. Hannibal
  35. Lost
  36. Curb Your Enthusiasm
  37. Firefly
  38. Justified
  39. The Simpsons
  40. House of Cards (US)
  41. Dawson’s Creek
  42. Community
  43. The West Wing
  44. Stranger Things
  45. The Fall and Rise of Reggie Perrin
  46. 24
  47. Quantum Leap
  48. A Very English Scandal
  49. This Life
  50. Millennium
  51. Fawlty Towers
  52. Atlanta
  53. Penny Dreadfuls
  54. ER
  55. Tin Star
  56. I’m Alan Partridge
  57. When Bob Met Harvey
  58. Masters of Sex
  59. Inside Number 9
  60. Doll House
  61. Godless
  62. Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
  63. American Horror Story
  64. Friends
  65. Star Trek / Star Trek: The Next Generation
  66. Queer as Folk (UK)
  67. The Norm Show
  68. The Outer Limits (1990s)
  69. Dungeons and Dragons
  70. Mork and Mindy
  71. Early Doors
  72. Wild Palms
  73. The X Files
  74. Monty Python’s Flying Circus
  75. Scream Queens
  76. The Man From Uncle
  77. Preacher
  78. Orange is the New Black
  79. Daredevil
  80. The Prisoner (UK)
  81. Taboo
  82. Jackass
  83. The Larry Sanders Show
  84. Spaced
  85. Common as Muck
  86. Dream On
  87. The Addams Family
  88. Psychoville
  89. Supergirl
  90. Party of Five
  91. The IT Crowd
  92. The A-Team
  93. The Lakes
  94. Peep Show
  95. Sliders
  96. Police Squad
  97. Mission Impossible
  98. Tour of Duty
  99. The Fast Show
  100. Westworld

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