Southern Comfort (1981)

Walter Hill directs Powers Boothe, Keith Carradine and Fred Ward in this action movie where a squad of squabbling National Guardsmen find themselves being hunted by a group of Cajuns.

The Warriors in the wilderness. With added ‘Nam parallels. The middle loses its way a bit (though that’s apt). The team is manlier, dumber, maybe a tad less sympathetic. Everyone has their psycho moment, their doom inducing breakdown. But that finale. That finale is tight as a drum, a drum squeezing into a particularly tight space. A stand-off so thrilling, so menacing, so swift moving that it cleans the palate of all the dislikable ensemble work and plot swamp water treading. Southern Comfort keeps its mysteries and lives on its violent instincts. An atmospheric Ry Cooder score helps things along magnificently.


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