The Eyes of Laura Mars (1978)

Irvin Kershner directs Faye Dunaway, Tommy Lee Jones and Brad Dourif in this supernatural thriller where a fashion photographer shares a psychic link with a killer.

Laura sees through the murderer’s eyes as he stalks his prey. These visions feed into her near pornographic, violent magazine and advert shoots. An unbelieved eyewitness – she soon finds herself in peril. Just not enough peril. We don’t really have enough play with idea that Faye Dunaway can see her attacker’s POV when she is at risk. That’s a unique storytelling wrinkle you could go to town with. The starry / sinister cast also seem to be idling on stand-by… no one is willing to blow their load and show their bloodstained hand or red herring status. The whodunnit mystery motors this wannabe giallo. You can only imagine how much cocaine was taken behind the scenes, how many of the dolly bird extras “earned” their moment’s screentime. It just feels like that kind of snort heavy production – all disco, open collars and predatory executive producers having more power than the talent. The end product (based on a John Carpenter spec script) is now dated but quaintly acceptable.


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