Rough Night (2017)

Lucia Aniello directs  Scarlett Johansson, Kate McKinnon and Jillian Bell in this black comedy about a hen party that is ruined by manslaughter.

Not a Rough Night, more like a rough an hour and a half… it just all feels far, far longer. It is hard to pinpoint exactly what went so disastrously wrong here. Weekend at Bernies (of which this owes a massive debt) was just as crass and unsophisticated but kinda got away with it. Very Bad Things, a film that this essentially is a remake of, had even more detestable, unsympathetic characters yet was darkly transgressive in its trampling vindictiveness. The support cast have been great before in similar roles and I would watch Scarlett Johansson changing duvets for two hours if such footage existed. Yet this proves a really grim and grating, unloveable and sloppy farce. One with barely any redeemable features except Kate McKinnon’s unwavering commitment to lean into a rubbish screenplay long after the others around her have given up.


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