An Evening With Beverly Luff Lynn (2018)

Jim Hosking directs Aubrey Plaza, Jemaine Clement and Matt Berry in this cult comedy about an unsatisfied housewife who runs away with a laundromat Equalizer to watch her ex perform a mysterious cabaret show.

Mmmmmmm…..mmmm! I didn’t bother catching The Greasy Strangler – a film that was released to triumphant reviews that felt indulgently strange and looked off puttingly dank. But then my Dad called up to tell me about it after he caught Jim Hosking’s debut late one night. Full of praise and misquotes. His last movie recommendation was Cockneys V Zombies, to put the conversation into context. The man who fathered me sure has access to late night Freeview, that’s for certain. I decided to give Hosking’s follow-up a try as I liked all the cast and thought the set-up was less grim sounding. And it proved a treat. Natalie and I laughed frequently at its forced queerness. It is easily the best film many of these eye catching performers have been the leads in (particularly Berry, Plaza and Craig Robinson). The visual palette and soundscape is naffly seductive. The performance style is blunt and brazen. It is knowingly obtuse and jarring. Not every joke works, not every slab of weirdness is even intended as a joke, but it gels together as a unique, romantic, chuckle filled piece of low rent quirk. Parking-lot strange. Hosking likes knitwear, hairy fat man tits, bad snacks, shouting, dancing and jealousy – often smashed together in the same scene. Turns out I do to. I’m going to have to attempt to watch The Greasy Strangler now…soon. And this again…sooner. I bet Beverly Luff Lynn grows on me further with repeat viewings. Mmmmmmmmmmm….mmmmmm.


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