Shattered (1991)

Wolfgang Petersen directs Tom Berenger, Bob Hoskins and Greta Scacchi in this thriller where a rich man recovering from amnesia after a car crash hires a detective to square away the flashbacks that do not sync with his current happy existence.

A film with very few pleasures except unravelling its “big twist” yet the twist is utterly guessable after the first scene. Like The Sixth Sense, you’d have the be a moron not to figure out where it was heading from the opener. This doesn’t even have decent performances (even from Hoskins or Joanne Whaley who are capable of better) or beautiful shots to keep you occupied. Much of the cinematography is flat and uninspired, except a sore toe sequence where we enter a run aground boat that suddenly makes everything flip into German Expressionism. If you wait around until the end to see the answer and its workings you’ll feel cheated. A scam of a movie.


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