The Endless (2017)

Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead directs themselves and Callie Hernandez in this sci-fi mystery about two brothers who escaped a death cult in their youth who return to the camp only to discover no one has aged and unexplainable physical phenomena is happening.

An eerie mood piece with flashes of dirty humour and real emotion. For the first hour I was mildly put off by a film that seemed so dedicated to its well hidden but inevitable twist it seemed to exist only to serve it. Yet then we get quite a big chunk of the mystery revealed to us, and without spoiling it here, The Endless has a lot of sophisticated play with it in the final stretch. So much so you kinda wish we could explore this strange, exciting landscape just a little more by end credits. Well acted and impressively frugal for a narrative that takes on such ambitious concepts. It won me over by the midway point and I’m now eager to see the directing / starring pairs first two features.


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