Krampus (2015)

Michael Dougherty directs Toni Collette, Adam Scott and Allison Tolman in the Christmas horror comedy about a family terrorised by naughty list festive themed beasties.

Clearly aiming to be a modern day Gremlins with its mixture of snow, decorations and deadly monsters… this misses the target. Krampus’ crippling problem is it takes up way too much runtime not being all that funny before we get horrific. We spend an hour in the arguing, bullying, nagging company of the ensemble. Home Alone managed to cover the same ground in seven minutes. When the mayhem finally arrives it is hard hitting. The creature design is evocative and disturbed. But we detest the cast so much (and there are some solid actors here) you wonder why the massacre took quite so long to warm up, and why it is in quite such a rush when we want to savour some of these arseholes’ demises. The holiday setting will mean it is now an option every December, maybe begrudging repeat viewings will smooth off those rough edges.


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