The Worst Movies I Own

So I used Letterboxd this week to catalogue all the DVDs and Blu Rays I currently own.  1400+ in case you are wondering. We live in a one bedroom flat that now looks like Blockbuster Video after an earthquake. My wife loves this. 

One smart feature is I can arrange the list by release date or length or my own rating. And all the other users of Letterboxd (a more pretentious but social IMDb in case you haven’t used it) average ratings too. According to their collective rankings, these are the lowest scoring works of cinema I own.

About half are the deadwood of boxsets that house better movies or are low points in film series I own in entirety for completion’s sake. Of those there’s 6 I haven’t even gotten around to watching… yet. Expect reviews of Omen IV, Carry on Emmannuelle & England, Muppets Wizard of Oz, The Card Player and Prehistoric Women in 2019.

Two are Porky’s II: The Next Day and Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous, both of which officially belong to my wife. What’s mine is yours and vice versa.*

I do question Green Lantern, Godzilla, Bad Teacher, Rob Zombie’s Halloween II, The Ward, Indy IV, both recent Terminators and both Adam Sandler flicks’ gutter placings. I know none are universally beloved but all are watchable and not made too cynically even as franchise cash-ins. Entertainment wise they do the same job as any other perfectly alright movie which arrived without the burdensome weight of expectations.  

If I was to die on a hill for any of them then I’d say Mr Deeds has far more charm, invention and laugh out loud moments than most comedies made in the last 15 years.

And not to be tarred as overly positive about the dregs of my collection, I actively hate A Good Day to Die Hard and Batman Forever. It will be a struggle to sit through either again. Yet own them I do and will. 

Anyway, these dirty thirty represent the shameful nadir of my obsessive movie collecting. What shit sits proudly on your shelf, right now?

*We don’t own Judge Reinhold and Fred Savage starrer Vice Versa… but if we did I reckon Terminator: Salvation would be promoted from this list. I must scour the charity shops of Dalry to rectify this soon.

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