Shocker (1989)


Wes Craven directs Peter Berg, Cami Cooper and Mitch Pileggi in this fantasy horror where a serial killer uses demonic TV electricity to soul swap with bodies.

Perhaps one of the most unfocused films I’ve ever seen. There’s a lot going on here, little of it good. Soapy drama, action and sets are whined about in for overlong scenes. There’s two chases around a drab park and an oversized bungalow. Mitch Pileggi is cast here as a Freddy Krueger hopeful. Craven gets to credit sequence intro him right but after that seems embarrassed by the antagonist. His screentime seems sparse and truncated, the cathode diffused effect to show him body swapping appears too expensive to leave him out in the open for too long. All this was done better in Fallen, the romp through the telly channels finale was more fun in Stay Tuned.


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