Hotel Artemis (2018)


Drew Pearce directs Jodie Foster, Sterling K. Brown and Sofia Boutella in this futuristic crime thriller about a brewing Mexican stand-off in a secret hospital for injured yeggs.

An ensemble cast where any of the main 8 would get me into the cinema for their solo projects… especially Jodie, whose presence sets expectations for this particularly high. A chamber piece that exists in the just about the same underworld of secret rules and retro futurism as John Wick. But it frustratingly doesn’t gel. There’s a lot of moving pieces into position for an endgame that occurs abruptly and without memorable conflict. It is all flirting confrontation and tantalising cliffhangers, the chaos never truly comes, the characters never lose a breath. Considering the talent involved and the potential of the pitch you should leave the screen with more notable moments rattling around your head than Jodie’s waddling little old lady run.


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