Movie of the Week: Dr No (1962)


Terence Young directs Sean Connery, Ursula Andress and Joseph Wiseman in this first 007 adventure where Ian Fleming’s superspy investigates murders in Jamaica.

For me this is the birth of modern cinema. A sexy star vehicle with an emphasis on action, humour and seduction. The start of a franchise which set out a template for future sequels… one still being adhered to over 50 years later. A relatively straight adaptation of Fleming’s novel, this retains all the risk and refinement. It is so damn beautiful too with its exotic locale and pop art outfits. Connery is superior as the indestructible detective. Every lead he pursues is right, his instincts are unwaveringly spot on. You don’t watch a Bond to see a mystery solved, you watch it to see the winner win. While it might lack the excess of future Bonds it instantly captures the arrogant hero, the man who doesn’t quit as he knows he has to, and will always, come out on top. We meet Bond, the sexy enigma, beating a lady at cards and then taking her like a trophy too. Every subsequent tale has been an extension of that one introductory minute in the casino. He hasn’t stopped being the assured victor since (O.H.M.S.S. aside).


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