Manhunt (2017)


John Woo directs Zhang Hanyu, Ha Ji-Won and Masaharu Fukuyama in this Chinese action thriller about a corporate lawyer framed by his pharmaceutical company who have assassins and corrupt cops on their payroll. 

Sentimental flashback. Doves gracefully darting around a shootout. Antagonists respecting each other and teaming up. I guess John Woo is back doing what he does best. It is very convoluted (another hallmark of Heroic Bloodshed era) and tongue in cheek. A little too parodic – one thing that marked The Killer and Bullet in the Head out was their unguarded sincerity. Equally the action is a little unsustained. It comes in short chaotic, often forced, bursts. Only a motorbike siege on a country house reaches a prolonged sense of kinetic mania. Neat but really not a patch on the Eighties classics it tries to revive. Was Chow Yun-Fat busy?




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