Christine (1983)


John Carpenter directs Keith Gordon, John Stockwell and Alexandra Paul in this horror about a possessed vengeful car and the transformation it inspires in its meek new owner. 

It is not gun-for-hire John Carpenter’s fault but you cannot make a car scary. It is an inanimate object. So it can drive itself…wooooooo! So it can trap people in it for Final Destination style accidents… oooooooohhhhh! Look it can repair itself… shiver! Carpenter gives it all a nice metallic sheen. It is a bright, glowing film. Far more interesting as the long winded, scare-free, foul mouthed teen movie of the first hour, then as a Fight Club style transformation story of its nerd lead into brute antagonist in its final forty minutes. The nicest thing you can say is that Christine is a faithful adaption of mid-period King, but if you want true motor madness from your 2 day VHS rental, then check out the relentless paranoia of Spielberg’s Duel or the throw enough shit against the wall cartoonishness of King’s own Maximum Overdrive.


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