Deadpool (2016)


Tim Miller directs Ryan Reynolds, Morena Baccarin and Ed Skrein in this X-Men spin-off about a disfigured, fourth wall breaking, mutant assassin, who can regenerate, trying to gain his sleazy life back. 

There are two really good jokes in Deadpool. Both visual. This one pictured above. And an earlier montage depicting a year of holiday sex. Crackers. But two good (really good) in a film that feels like a relentless meme, gif and Unilad clip feed. So much joke-resembling shit is thrown against the wall that it becomes deadening. Relentless, annoying shit. Callbacks, meta, references, toppers, zingers, insults, scatalogical, nonsensical. Just constant but constantly underwhelming. And what frames it… a mediocre X-Men flick which spends an hour on the same freeway high rise give or take a few flashbacks and then scrabbles to a clanging finale with no peril. A finale, that if you took the wrecked hellicarrier and the superpowers out of it, smells a lot like one of those dockyard / warehouse shootouts from 1980s Miami Vice. And what is it pinned to… a Ryan Reynolds star turn. We’ve been giving him these for years. This is the first time anyone has willingly bought a ticket for one for over 12 long years of smarmy vehicles. So what do we really have… a Ryan Reynolds film with better marketing? An R rated superhero with lots of PG-13 dick jokes and “violence” that will taste like warm beer to any Verehoeven / Schwarzenegger / Die Hard raised hard liquor kid? Am I being overly mean to a silly tongue-in-cheek surprise smash? No. Not really any more than is deserved. But Deadpool opened to average reviews. And I think they were on the money. Not its current overinflated, box office justified, rep. Deadpool is nerd culture for people who think having The Big Bang Theory on in the background makes them a geek. For fantasy fans who have watched all of Game of Thrones and the spoiler theory Youtubes. You deserve your mediocre, puerile films. But know this. Those scenes where Deadpool wanders about street corners in a hoodie looking sad, unable to approach his girlfriend as his skin…is… a…bit…gnarly. They are serious about those. You are supposed to feel sad. That’s about as scabarous as a Masters of the Universe moral. Stay in school, kids.


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