Breaking Away (1979)


Peter Yates directs Dennis Christopher, Jackie Earle Haley and Dennis Quaid in this small town coming of age drama centred around a cycling obsessed youth and his townie friends. 

One of those well calibrated small movies where all the parts spin in harmony to achieve an enjoyable, unfussy experience. The proto- Stand By Me friendships chime nicely with the sitcommy parental misunderstandings adding ballast to the across the tracks campus romance laying out the stakes for the dynamic cycling episodes.  I’ve overcomplicated it. Breaking Away is the kind of light, breezy, solidly crafted affair that demands very little from the viewer throughout yet delivers a series of heart warming codas. The race sequences triumph not just as they are engagingly lensed but as we have been informed exactly what winning means for these kids.



My Top 10 Sports Movies*

1. Money Ball (2011)
2. Field Of Dreams (1989)
3. Jerry Maguire (1996)
4. Kingpin (1996)

5. The Hustler (1961)
6. Battle of the Sexes (2017)
7. Whip It! (2010)
8. The Color of Money (1986)
9. White Men Can’t Jump (1992)
10. Happy Gilmore (1996)

* excluding Boxing / Combat sports flicks


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