Lady Bird (2017)


Greta Gerwig directs Saoirse Ronan, Laurie Metcalfe and Lucas Hedges in this teen movie where a quirky catholic school girl tries to find her way during her last year before college. 

About as sure a thing as will be released this year. It is safe to say I really enjoyed Lady Bird. It lacks the Hollywood gloss and neatness of The Duff or The Edge of Seventeen yet feels like a more complete experience. It doesn’t reach for greater universal truths quite like Boyhood or Say Anything… yet has a similar sensitivity and heart. In fact the film it resembles most is a less theatrical, more happily scribbled Rushmore. The pretentious kid who works hard at everything but the syllabus faces difficult home truths when relationships and graduation begin to loom. That’s a giddy height to reach for something that often feels like it could have been just Gerwig Origins. It is surprisingly untwee, suprisingly de-hipsterised. Allowing the always perfect Ronan to shine as the fragile force of nature, while giving generous room so that best friends, drama teachers and quiet Dads can have their shining moments without adding extraneous subplots. It is nice to see a family on a struggling income neither presented as saints nor trash. Just as most of us are. Lady Bird speaks to all of us who left school with suprisingly good grades, vague ambitions and hard working parents.


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