Jumper (2007)


Doug Liman directs Hayden Christensen, Rachel Bilson and Samuel L Jackson in this fantasy adventure about boys who can leap to different points of the globe in a heartbeat. 

Utterly detestable characters dash through a stakes free “adventure”. The concept offers the world, the finale ends up in a bungalow. I read that the original script focussed on high schoolers and then the studio demanded the cast be aged up a decade for marketing reasons. Whether that explains the lack of weight and certainty to the events that prolapse into our eyes for 90 minutes is uncertain. But you can’t get away with vapid, immature scumbag protagonists AND set pieces which seem utterly afraid to have larks with the physics bending powers. Doug Liman must have had his wings clipped, as this is normally the kinda bunkum he parties hard with.


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