Crocodile Dundee (1987)

Peter Faiman directs Paul Hogan, Linda Kozlowski and Mark Blum in this romantic comedy where a sexy journalist and a charming Aussie preservationist (possibly also poacher) explore each other’s worlds and try not to have ridiculously tanned sex together before the third act. 

A perfectly average 80s fish out of water comedy. These all feel dated now, as the humour, being inherently based on clashing stereotypes, grates with modern identity politics. But you can’t deny the romantic sweep and sharp wit of the subway station finale, one of commercial cinema’s best ever closing set pieces. You can tell this movie knows it has dug up extremely rare plunder too, freezing to end credits the millisecond the lead couple are satisfyingly back in each other’s arms. You will ache from the smile this smart topper leaves you abruptly with. Add to that a beautiful seductive score throughout, good location work in both the Outback and Manhattan, a smattering of decent gags… Average mediocrity has never aged quite so well.


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