Suburbicon (2017)


George Clooney directs Matt Damon, Julianne Moore and Noah Jupe in this fifties set neo-noir about an all American boy witnessing his family fall apart after an iffy home invasion. 

Clooney directs a dusty, dated Coen’s cast off script. All the good ideas have been reused elsewhere and only Oscar Issac’s brings any of the screwball verve that the Brothers themselves can ellicit from a cast. Part of the problem is, although there is murder and mayhem in this starchy suburban “utopia”, none of it comes at you from left of field, it all feels rather obvious. Pedestrian even. There is a subplot involving the arrival of the new first black family next door and the rabid mob who protest their presence. The joke might be that they are being objected to while far worst things are going on across the driveway. But these glimpses of stoic heroism never gel into the run of the mill stranglings, poisoning and bludgeoning going on with All American honkys we stick distractingly with.



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